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Battle of Marawi Battle Footage

Battle of Marawi Battle Footage
Battle of Marawi Battle Footage
The Philippines is not new to War, the country has been battling different wars in the past and now it is facing a war against terror.  Filipinos are considered as one of the most experienced soldiers in the World and can able to survive in the most critical situation there is.   The ISIS, a terror group that is founded in Syria and Iraq that wreck havoc to the civilians with their evil works became the inspiration of the Muslim extremists in the southern Philippines and launched an invasion in Marawi. 
Battle of Marawi Battle Footage
Battle of Marawi Battle Footage
For the past many years in the modern generation, only President Duterte made a swift move to utilize the Military accompanied with Martial Law to squash the terror rebels decisively.  The past Presidents of the country were so soft in handling the chaos in the southern Philippines, but President Duterte is different he unleashed fear to the enemies and raise the moral of the soldiers and Filipinos in fighting and eradicate the root of the extremism in Mindanao.

Check this video and see the actual battle in Marawi Mindanao.

Battle of Marawi Battle Footage


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I hope the war will end sooner.

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Pray for Marawi.

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Let's pray for the people.

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Let's help the people.

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awesome and cool,hope you inspire all youth generation,long live!

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God Bless and prayers to those who suffers and dies in war. They may live in peace as soon as the battle over.

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God is good. He will help everyone to survive.

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President Duterte was amazing in handling this crisis in part of Mindanao, He's one of the best presidents in the Philippines
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Battles are meant to end.

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